Catch Up with #AalUP Podcast: Local Startup Stories

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Catch Up with #AalUP Podcast: Local Startup Stories

Since our last update, the #AalUP podcast has been bustling with interviews and insights into the vibrant world of local startups. We've been on a mission to uncover the stories of innovative businesses right here in our community. If you're a local talent with a story to share, don't hesitate to reach out – we'd love to feature you on the podcast. Let's dive into what you might have missed since our last article.


Episode 8: SiteSage and the Future of Customer Support

In Episode 8, we sat down with Thor and Rune, the dynamic duo behind SiteSage, an AI-driven startup revolutionizing customer support and e-commerce. Thor's analytical prowess, coupled with Rune's leadership, forms the backbone of their operation. Together, they've developed a system that seamlessly integrates with any e-commerce platform, delivering smarter product recommendations and enhancing the customer experience.



Episode 9: FROD - A Journey of Sweet Surprises

Join us as we chat with Bjarke, the co-founder and CEO of FROD, a subscription-based sweets delivery service. From humble beginnings of weekend snack deliveries to curating monthly boxes of international treats, FROD aims to create moments of joy and togetherness for families everywhere. Discover their journey towards building a business centered around the Danish concept of "hygge."



Episode 10: Site-Tech's Innovative Solutions

In Episode 10, we explore Site-Tech, a technically skilled startup with a mission to revolutionize brick building maintenance. With a blend of mechanical engineering and AI-driven models, their innovative machine automates brickwork maintenance, reducing worker strain and improving precision. Join us as we delve into their international mindset and chemistry-driven approach to success.



Episode 11: Empowering Hotels with Konnectio

Konnectio, a startup born from the expertise of IT consultants, takes center stage in Episode 11. Dedicated to empowering smaller players in the hospitality industry, their platform offers hotels and resorts a solution for booking rooms while maintaining brand identity and minimizing fees. Meet the team of long-time friends who bring a perfect synergy of skills, ambition, and humility to the table.



Episode 12: Cliarly - Overcoming Dyslexia with Innovation

In our latest episode, we shine a spotlight on Cliarly, an AI-driven startup founded by Jakob, a dyslexic entrepreneur. Drawing from his personal experience, Jakob is on a mission to empower others with dyslexia through innovative tools and solutions. Discover how Cliarly is transforming the way dyslexics write and read, one algorithm at a time.


Join us on the #AalUP podcast as we continue to uncover the stories of local startups making waves in the industry. From AI-driven solutions to subscription-based delights, our guests are pushing boundaries and shaping the future of entrepreneurship. Stay tuned for more inspiring conversations and don't forget to reach out if you're ready to share your own startup journey with our audience.