At Kickstart Aalborg, a group of like-minded volunteers dedicate their time to organize relevant events, workshops and opportunities for entrepreneurs at the beginning of their journey, for those who are on their way to start their own business, or anybody with interest in entrepreneurship.


The Startup Europe Week (SEW) wants to enable local governments getting more involved with their local startup ecosystem, giving access and information to regional and European wide initiatives helping people to build their own startup. The aim of the initiative is to help local entrepreneurs to have a greater impact in their region with help from their local government. This week will take place across 350 different regions within Europe at the same time, with Aalborg joining for the first time.

11th, 12th , 14th and 15th of March 2019

What I wish I knew in my 20’s
April 25, 2019
StartupWorks 18 Nytorv

Pitching Game vol. 14
April 29, 2019
International House North Denmark

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We know how difficult is to start a business, so we do our best to make your startup journey easier and even more enjoyable! 
​Whether an inspiring event, a productive workshop or free consultancy, we are here for you!

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