A Brief History of our organization

1. Founding and Early Initiatives:
Kickstart Aalborg originated in 2011 at AAU Business Campus when a group of students rejected traditional career paths in favor of entrepreneurship. Beginning with informal movie nights accompanied by pizza, the organization ignited an entrepreneurial spirit among its members.

2. Growth and Event Expansion:
Evolving from its grassroots origins, Kickstart Aalborg now hosts major events like Startup Weekend and Pitching Game, fostering the city's startup ecosystem. Additionally, it supports member-led initiatives that support local ecosystem, encouraging personal growth and responsibility.

3. Collaborative Community Impact:
Kickstart Aalborg collaborates closely with local institutions and authorities, facilitating resource exchange and support. This collaborative approach integrates the organization within the broader community, bridging the gap between aspiring entrepreneurs and institutional backing.


This is what happened

I could talk about this a long time. So let's see!

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    Dec 2023

    Started #AalUP Podcast

    Episodes where we invite startups from Denmark, ecosystem actors and influential individuals in the startup comunity. We talk startups, business, tech, product development and personal growth throughout the journey of startups.

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    Nov 2023

    Startup Weekend Tech Aalborg

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    Mar 2023

    F*ckUp nights vol.10

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    #AalUP Townhall

    Attempt to revive the Townhall, community night of networking, developing and keeping up to date with each other.

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    Nov 2022

    Startup Weekend Aalborg

    First Startup Weekend in Denmark in the last 3 years. 

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    Oct 2022

    F*ckUp nights vol.9

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    May 2022

    Post-COVID Restart: New leadership

    New leadership has stepped in to bring the organization back to life after 2 years of inactivity. Built new team, revived the events and continue with growth of the organization.  

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    Exploring new horizons

    Building on top of the success of previous leaders to keep the community going and focus involvment of international talent. 

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    New leadership

    The organization welcomes new leadership from Razvan & Cosmin, focusing more on internationals.

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    Building a community

    Started with organization of first Startup Weekends and FuckUp nights to build up a community movement. 

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    Kickstart logo

    Kickstart was created!

    Idea and organization was born through initiative of AAU business students.

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