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Social media

Is this you?

Social Media Wizard

Confident that you:

  • can work alone but are a team player when needed
  • have flawless spoken/written English
  • have previous experiences and studies
  • are creative and independent
  • know how to create strategies and engage people
  • are an online social butterfly knowing your way around FB & Instagram/LinkedIN


  • meet open-minded people
  • expand your network
  • pizza night once per month
  • working place in the city center
  • learn about entrepreneurship

You’ll help to:

  • create and develop our social media strategy
  • listen and implement feedback
  • engage with followers on Social media
  • collaborate with the rest of the team on ad-hocs
  • ad-hoc tasks prior and during events.

So, you’re ready to join Kickstart’s family?
We just need a few pieces of information to get the application process started.

You’ll work on one or more of these events:

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