Pitching game

What's the Pitching Game?

Pitching Game is designed as a fun informal pitching exercise for everyone to develop and improve their pitching and public speaking skills.


How does it work?

There are two types of played in the Pitching Game. Pitchers and Investors.


The pitcher gets the chance to practice their presentation skills in front of the audience, and receive valuable feedback, while competiting for their virtual funds.


The investor can help pitchers through their feedback, as well as through investing their virtual funds in the best presentations.





The challenges developed by the Pitching Game are designed to help participants get past their fears and be ready to pitch anytime, anywhere.

There are over 25 challenges already available, with more being released every month.

You have to impersonate a dictator. A startup dictator, that is. 
Tips: Use strong, energetic hands-gestures; Have a superior attitude, don't smile; Have an inspiring tone.

Pitching Games

Pretending to be a dictator requires a certain attitude, which is handy, especially for those who feel insecure when performing a pitch. A dictator is convinced that his way is the right one the others should follow it. Similarly, a pitcher must convince his audience that what he wants to provide is the best thing on the market.

You have to take the posture of a tree while performing the pitch. 
Tips: Stare at a fixed point; Restrain from any gestures and movements; Use no facial expressions.

Pitching Games

This is a good exercise to practice controlling your body movement during a public performance, perfect anyone who move excessively when giving a public speech. By inhibiting your moving tendency, you focus more on the words you want to deliver to the audience.