Right before the Christmas holidays of 2019 Kickstart Aalborg and HK joined forces and set out on a mission.
That is to offer the students and graduates in Aalborg chances to grow, learn, practice their skills, and to get them acquainted with entrepreneurship and freelancing, through courses, events and workshops.

Who is HK?

With 275.000 members, HK is Denmark’s 2nd largest union. The members in HK work within the marketing, retail and IT branches within both the public and the private sectors. HK negotiates salary and employment conditions through collective agreements, offers legal assistance and advises members on their working, careers and freelance conditions.

Why join forces with Kickstart Alborg?

“Simply to advance our cause, which is to constantly support the professional development of the students and graduates in Denmark, through the most up to date methods channels and technologies!”

As the 2nd largest union in Denmark, HK has a wide array of career courses and services that both students, early professionals, workers and unemployed members can benefit of. However, when it comes to courses that gives members guidance and ideas to business and product development, HK has not been in touch with the interest of the members in the freelance and entrepreneurial sphere in Aalborg. Therefore, HK took the initiative to create shared activities with Kickstart that will enhance freelance opportunities for HK members as well as support the entrepreneurial growth and culture in Aalborg.

How & What?

The collaboration between HK and Kickstart Aalborg will focus on supporting the now famous events the organization does, but not only. Other aspects consist of bringing some of these events to the business and IT academies in Aalborg (such as entrepreneurial and personal development workshops).

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