Startup Weekend HealthTech Aalborg

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UCN Hobrovej, Business Campus

Startup Weekend HealthTech is a dynamic event designed to catalyze innovation and
entrepreneurship in Aalborg. Taking place on the university grounds, this event provides a
unique platform for startups and ambitious entrepreneurs to collaborate, ideate, and kickstart
their entrepreneurial journey in the fields of health and technology.

Target Audience:
Our event is tailored for two main target groups, aiming for a balanced representation of

  • Startup Companies: Established and emerging startups working in sustainable
    health and technology sectors, seeking opportunities to expand, collaborate, and
  • Entrepreneurs: Ambitious individuals eager to dive into the world of business,
    connect with like-minded individuals, and build teams to bring their entrepreneurial
    ideas to life.


  • Pitch Sessions: Startups and entrepreneurs present their ideas, forming the basis for
    team formation and collaboration.
  • Team Building: Facilitated sessions to help individuals find like-minded teammates,
    fostering diverse and skilled teams.
  • Prototyping and Development: Workshops and mentorship sessions to guide teams
    in product/service development, leveraging the expertise of industry professionals.
  • Networking Events: Opportunities for casual networking, knowledge sharing, and
    community building.

Bigger Picture:

Startup Weekend HealthTech aims to contribute to Aalborg's transformation into a vibrant
entrepreneurial hub within Denmark. By bringing together bright minds from diverse
backgrounds, the event seeks to:

  • Foster Innovation: Encourage the development of cutting-edge products and services
    in the health, medicine, and technology sectors.
  • Build a Supportive Ecosystem: Create a nurturing and welcoming environment where
    entrepreneurs feel supported, enabling them to thrive in their startup journey.
  • Promote Diversity and Collaboration: Strive for a balanced representation of startups
    and entrepreneurs, fostering diversity and collaboration across different sectors.
  • Retain International Talent: Elevate opportunities for internationals in Aalborg,
    preventing brain drain by providing a supportive ecosystem and addressing systemic

Organizers & Speakers

Andrej Kutliak

Andrej Kutliak


Erik Petra - profile

Erik Petra