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Your entry point to Student Entrepreneurship in Aalborg

We are hosting and participating in various events all year round, and we are here to help you get started!

We’re founded on three core elements…

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Networking gets you places. It takes your startup places. You might find your co-founder in your network or those skills that you team lack. You might find your next customer through your network. But it doesn’t come on its own, so get out, meet people and build your network.

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Openess; without it success can be hard to reach. You need to be open to get good feedback and help. You need to be open to validate your business. And you need to be open to meet new people. So, dare to be open about your ideas and towards new people.

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Starting a business is not easy, but sometimes a bit of help is all you need. That’s why we do our best to support our community. We help out with advises, promotion, networking and workshops that puts your startup in focus.

We do a lot of stuff during the year and Startup Weekend is the main event!

2014 was a success!

..and a failure :-)

So.. what’s Startup Weekend really all about?

Once a year we’re proud to be bring the international event “Startup Weekend” to Aalborg!

Join up for the next event and go from idea to business in 54 hours.

Check out the details at www.startupweekend.org



..and we’re actually doing it pretty well here in Aalborg

Take it from the people that know Startup Weekend best:

the fantastic participants!

Wanna join the team?

We’re looking for talented and motivated students from AAU, UCN or similar.

If you’re interested in entrepreneurship and want to use your talents, send us an application.

We need new amabassadors of Kickstart Aalborg. You’ll be helping out with organizing and carrying out events. During events we need all hands to help out. Sometimes it gets tough and dirty, but it’s always fun. You’ll be working 10-40 hours a month depending on our activities.

Staff for “Startup Café Aalborg “

Kickstart Aalborg is in charge of the day to day operations of the new “Startup Café Aalborg” in the heart of the city. In relation to this we are looking for new members of our café team that want to give a helping hand with the various tasks related to running the café. These include:

  • Occasional opening and closing of the café
  • Helping out with practical tasks before, during and after events
  • Tending the coffee bar
  • Spreading good vibes to all our guests during opening hours :-)

That’s what we’re looking for. Here’s what we’re offering:

  • Experience and part-taking in organizing events about entrepreneurship

  • Professional development

  • Network with entrepreneurs, community builders and partners on a local, national and global scale

  • Be part of a dynamic and fun voluntary organization

  • Great volunteer experience to your resume

  • Occasional beer, cake, pizza, etc.

Have questions about entrepreneurship or startups?

We’re here to help as best we can, so don’t be shy and get in touch if we can help you out in any way.

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